Guidelines for Order Claims

Please note: The stated quantity may vary up to 5% for any order. Walmart Liquidation Auctions no longer accepts claims for damages. All merchandise is sold "as is". Any claim submitted based on damaged merchandise will not be reviewed.

All Disputes must be filed within 10 calendar days of receiving your order. Fill out the "Problem?" form from your "Orders" page, providing all requested information. Required evidence includes, but is not necessarily limited to the specifics outlined below for each type. Dispute mediators have to rule out the possibility of a shipping claim and the more evidence you provide the better.

Missing Merchandise

  • A statement regarding the condition of the pallets as they arrived, with photos to support any sign of tampering.
  • List of all missing items, marked on your manifest file.
  • Image of BOL/POD. BOL/POD does not need to be notated.

Pallet Shortage (or Missing)

  • List of all missing pallet IDs.
  • Image of notated BOL/POD with driver’s signature, confirming the number of delivered pallets, and IDs of each pallet delivered.
  • Images of delivered pallets. All pallets must remain in shrink wrap until Walmart has processed your claim.
  • Walmart will pay for outbound shipping for missing pallets, if available.

Incorrect Pallet Delivered

  • List of all incorrectly delivered pallet IDs.
  • Image of notated BOL/POD with driver’s signature, confirming IDs of pallets delivered.
  • Images of all delivered pallets.
  • You must make incorrect pallet(s), in original shrink wrap, available for pickup.
  • You must confirm that all pallets are labeled correctly.
  • Walmart will pay for return transportation for incorrect pallets.
  • The penalty for keeping pallets not listed on your order may result in a fee or account deactivation.